Lori Munger HHP, RYT is a Holistic Health Practitioner and registered Yoga Teacher specializing in Yoga therapy as an essential prevention and healing modality. Lori has combined years of Holistic Health training and practice with certifications in Clinical Nutrition and the use of state of the art BioScan Health.vs.Stress Assessment technology to help formulate nutritional protocols to support your current well being of further assist you in building optimal heath for you.

Throughout her years of experience, Lori has explored various meditation approaches, consciousness raising exercises, Yoga styles, nutritional elements, detoxification programs, and behavior modification techniques to build a Holistic Health first aid kit.  Through interviews, questionnaire, and observation she will make recommendations from this tool kit to help enable your will power to change to a healthier lifestyle and add a little more joy to your journey!

Yoga Instruction

Private instruction, Thai Yoga Massage, Essential Oils Massage and Aroma Therapies. Customized yoga sequences based on your anatomy, flexibility, prior yoga experience and busy schedule.

Thai Yoga (“Lazy Man’s Yoga”)

Facilitated yoga poses combining the best of Thai Massage and physical therapy approaches. With this therapeutic treatment one can simply breathe deep, relax and reap the benefits of increased range of motion, better bio-mechanics, reduced fatigue, and to help prevent overuse injuries.

Weight loss Detoxification and Yoga

Recognize and reduce toxic influences from the many sources in today’s hyper paced society.  Did you know that by gently stretching muscles and joints you are massaging  various organs and organ systems as well? Yoga ensures the optimum blood supply to various parts of the body. This helps clear the channels used to flush out  toxins and improve absorption of nourishment, leading to benefits such as delayed aging, improved energy and zest for life.



A Clinical Nutrition Assessment. A BioScan ia a non-invasive Class IIa FDA  registered 510(k) medical device used to reliably measure Bio-impedance at Meridian points on the hands and feet. Based on Dr. Richard Voll’s pioneering research which discovered a correlation among acupuncture points and their electrical relationship with the body’s organ systems, this instrument measures bio-electric energy to produce a graph much like an EKG or EEG. Bio-impedance is the body’s resistance to a tiny electrical current from one point to another along these Meridians, or channels of points. From the myriad of nutritional supplement choices available, a BioScan helps you to determine the best mix of supplements for your body type, lifestyle and metabolism..

A BioScan Health.vs.Stressed Assessment is a session with a trained technician using this fast, accurate, objective profiling tool to produce a chart that is a snapshot of your energetic balance.  This system is not meant to diagnose, but is intended to illustrate holistic health trends before the onset of symptoms, therefore supporting a focus on prevention.

Lori Munger, HHP

Cell: 760-802-8589