I’m an owner of Julian Mountain Spa, a Holistic Health Practitioner, and I am certified in Clinical Nutrition.  I too caught a nasty, lingering cold this year.  As a nutritionist I am a very conscious eater but started wondering why I caught this cold. So I started research on dietary impacts on the immune system.  Did you know sugar compromises the immune system and even prolongs healing time? Sugar is hidden in almost all condiments and a surprising percentage of all products found in grocery stores. It’s the main ingredient in breakfast cereals (especially those targeted at children) so you may be thinking… I would never feed my child 4 or more tablespoons of sugar a day but if you read all the labels and do the math you might be surprised.  I’m not just talking about table sugar either, but also all simple carbohydrates such as white rice, potatoes, white bread, etc. After reducing dietary sugar intake, the next step is to actually strengthen your immune system with professional quality supplements that are selected to complement your diet.  I am able to provide the highest quality supplements that are sold only to healthcare practitioners. One of the best supplements for BOOSTING the IMMUNE SYSTEM is GREENS FIRST, a Phytonutrient, Antioxidant, Superfood, green drink with twice the potency of similar products sold in health food stores. It is made from freeze dried organic fruits and vegetables (provides the 10 servings recommended daily) contains all the VITAMINS, MINERALS, and PROBIOTICS necessary for good health, in one tasty drink a day. Since it can be challenging to get kids to drink green juice, it is available in berry flavor and chocolate flavor (sugar free of course, with the herbal sweetener Stevia). Please let me know if you have any more questions on the effects of sugar, your immune system, or for more information on nutritional supplements. I am passionate about bringing good nutrition to our community and I would love to help you and your family to be healthy!